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18. Finding Opportunities In Difficult Situations
Episode 1818th December 2023 • Hustle For Happiness • Courtney Brooke
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Have you been feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges? In today's raw and unscripted episode, Courtney shares the feelings coming up for her as she prepares for a follow-up appointment with her doctor. 

Through these messy emotions and difficult situations, Courtney reminds us that there is neither good nor bad, but rather opportunities. We still have to take responsibility for our lives and feel our feelings without necessarily following them down the rabbit hole. You'll learn practical tips on staying grounded and finding solace in the present moment during challenging times.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Courtney's health update
  • Seeking support and embracing vulnerability
  • Being in the present moment while facing the unknown
  • Normalizing being human and stripping away from societal pressures
  • It's okay to find distractions
  • Tips on how to get grounded
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