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Thom Monahan: Sonic Explorations, Scripted Podcasts, and Why Everything Matters
Episode 3715th June 2021 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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Today's guest is producer, engineer, and musician Thom Monahan. Thom spent the first 15 years of his career as a touring musician before transitioning to working behind the glass. Since then he has worked with artists such as Neko Case, Fruit Bats, Stevie Nicks, Vetiver, and Medicine. He's also done work as a composer, doing scores for nearly a dozen documentaries, and several podcasts and web-series. Most recently he has taken his passion for music and creative sound design into the podcast world with his work with Treefort. We have a great chat about reducing creative friction, working on projects you are passionate about, and the future of scripted podcasts.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Reducing creative friction
  • The new digital nature of collaboration
  • Capturing the magic of a band in the room
  • Making microphones out of a boombox
  • Editing as a form of production
  • The future of scripted podcasts
  • Learning from everybody around you
  • Understanding the format you are writing music for
  • Tape Edits
  • Keeping perspective when doing a "money gig"
  • Committing to yourself and your vision

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Guest: Thom Monahan

Host: Travis Ference

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