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Laurent Notin - stop being the bottleneck in your business!
Episode 10516th January 2023 • Small Business, Big Network • Liz Drury
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Laurent is a French national who left France at 23, spent 20 years in South-East Asia, before relocating to Finland in the summer of 2019. 

His professional background is in market research and advertising, where he ran small businesses of up to 150 people across 3 countries. 

His father was an entrepreneur, and so was his own father. Laurent has always worked for entrepreneurs himself (the kind that gives you the keys and asks you to run their business on their behalf as if it were yours), then became a shareholder in the last company he was managing before starting his own entrepreneurship journey. 

Laurent has always cared more about others than about himself. He's developed a passion for coaching, mentoring, advising, and training people throughout the years. Combined with his entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a coach to entrepreneurs just made sense. 

Today, Laurent's goal is simple: making entrepreneurs better at their job by protecting them from the biggest issue they face, becoming the bottleneck in their businesses! 

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