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EP 254 - Code of Ethics: Crafting a New Narrative in Big Tech Business with Jonathan MacDonald
Episode 25431st October 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Jonathan is the Founder of SELF, a hyper-personal AI-powered assistant that learns your personal preferences and simplifies your life.

We talk about his concerns around the rise of AI, why there is a need for an ethical alternative and how having a more moral approach to business makes it harder to raise investment.

Jonathan also explains why he thinks tech platforms who don't prioritise human rights over profit qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:27 Guest Introduction: Jonathan McDonald

01:08 The Existential Threat of Artificial Intelligence

01:55 The Ethics of AI and the Dangers of Unchecked Development

03:48 The Need for Ethical Guidelines in AI

05:32 The Risks of AI in Military and Political Decisions

05:57 The Dystopian Future of AI

10:42 The Role of AI in Personal Life

10:54 Introducing 'Self': An Ethical AI Assistant

15:00 The Business Model of 'Self'

18:53 The Importance of Ethical Principles in Technology

21:01 The Creeping Overton Window and Ethics

21:56 The Dangers of Normalising Outrageous Terms and Conditions

22:24 The Genie's Out of the Bottle: A Discussion on Common Sense and Unreasonable Contracts

22:48 The Struggle to Change: Why Don't We Stop?

23:06 The Normalisation of Surrendering Personal Data

23:16 The Vision for a New Social Network

23:48 The Trust in Government and Privacy Concerns

24:16 The Personal Experience with Stop and Search

25:25 The Role of Self in Upholding Society and Safety

25:41 The Mission of Self and the Challenge of Switching Cost

26:04 The Importance of Showing an Alternative Version

27:59 The Bullshit in the Tech Industry: Prioritising Humans and Their Data

28:22 The Struggle of Raising Funds for Ethical Tech

29:05 The Ineffectiveness of Advertising and the Machine that Runs It

33:09 The Role of Self in Career Advice and Personal Shopping

37:55 The Ultimate Value Proposition of Self: Giving Back Time

42:03 The Investment Opportunity in Self

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