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Finding your forever art questions /15
Episode 152nd May 2022 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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As of July 2023, we won't be posting new episodes but you can connect with Bec & Michele and continue the conversation via the links below.


As artists we can spend a long time searching for the special something that will make our art stand out, or our 'artist style'.

But what if it's not about finding something new out there? What if it's about shedding all the extras until we are left with only those elements most essential to our art-making?

These are the art questions that are unique to us, the artistic enquiries that can happily occupy us for a lifetime. It's not a painless process but the rewards may surprise you! Michele and Bec are continuing the conversation from the last episode... and the onion peeling has now revealed the fire within. (Yes, we keep torturing those analogies!)


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