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The Development Podcast - World Bank Group EPISODE 1, 30th January 2020
The best – and worst – places to start a business around the world
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The best – and worst – places to start a business around the world

It's one of the most anticipated – and closely watched – reports in the world of entrepreneurship. Each year, the World Bank's Doing Business team analyzes and ranks – literally, like football standings – the world's economies for how easy (or hard) they make it to start a business.

In this inaugural episode of The Development Podcast we go inside the report, revealing just where you'll have the easiest time launching your next venture – and which countries could be the next global startup hub.

We also get the view from Togo – the tiny West African country that is making big reforms to boost its business sector.

Finally, Rita Ramalho, the woman in charge of ranking the world's most business-friendly economies, walks us through the report – how it's compiled, what's going on in China, and why not a single Latin American country is in the list of top 50 best places for business.

Editor's note: Elements of this program that discuss the Chinese economy were recorded before a recent outbreak of a coronavirus in the country.