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Soft and Slow, How Much Compromise is Too Much, Timofei Dokschizer’s Legacy and Much More w/ Sergei Nakariakov!
3rd March 2020 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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What can we say about Sergei Nakariakov?

Brilliant performer. Stunning virtuosity and lyricism in his playing.

And as you'll find out in this episode of the show, a thoughtful and insightful thinker who has simply done things the right way when it comes to performing on the trumpet.


In my conversation with Sergei, you'll hear:

-The influence of Timofei Dokshizer on Sergei's career...7:37

-How Sergei's career began and quickly advanced...13:34

-Sergei's process for making the impossible possible...18:47

-Why Sergei isn't thinking about the audience when he performs...25:20

-Some of the impressive younger players that we should know...29:44

-Sergei's thoughts on the current repertoire available to trumpeters...31:56

-Why Sergei doesn't warm up with long tones and other practice fundamentals...36:08

-How Miles Davis influenced Sergei's perspectives on music...44:23

-How an older Sergei is different from a younger Sergei...47:15

Resources mentioned:

-Videos of Timofei Dokshizer mentioned:

-Albums by Sergei Nakariakov:

-Jörg Widmann: ad absurdum – Concerto for Trumpet & Small Orchestra

-Floris Onstwedder (listen to Floris' interview on this podcast here)

-David Guerrier

-Mark Inouye

-Albums by Miles Davis:

Mentioned in this episode:

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