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Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)
Episode 527th November 2021 • Film Trace • Film Trace
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Is nostalgia poison? It felt nearly impossible to avoid cynicism while watching this new Home Alone film, the 6th film in the series unceremoniously shipped off to Disney Plus. The critical response has been contemptuous. The audience reaction has been mutinous. But we can't help but wonder, how would a movie like this actually succeed with critics and audiences? Corporate reboots and fanboyism are not as diametrically opposed as we have been led to believe. Home Sweet Home Alone is a cash-in, but what film isn't? Most wide-release films are made by billion dollar companies. They are products meant to turn a profit. Yet the bellicose reaction to Home Sweet Home Alone suggests a willful naivete amongst critics and viewers. Fanboys doth protest too much? 




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