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038 Sara Hayes - Mindful Running & Positive Intentions
Episode 384th May 2023 • The Passionate Runner • Digital Authority Group, LLC
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Episode Summary

Sara Hayes is the Founder and Head Coach of Mindful Miles, a women’s movement and wellness company that prioritizes mindfulness habits, personal development, and intuitive movement. Sara and the team at Mindful Miles use their knowledge and experience to promote the importance of body image, advocacy and movement for mental health.

Today, Whitney and Sara talk about the Mindful Miles Running community that Sara has cultivated throughout her journey, what it means to be ‘more than a runner,’ and the importance of setting intentions rooted in healthy and positive space.

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Key Takeaways

01:00 – Whitney Heins welcomes Sara Hayes to the show to share her running story and the origins of Mindful Miles Running

09:30 – The Mindful Miles Running community

14:30 – How Sara works with runners

17:26 – More than a runner

23:18 – What it means to get back to the person/runner you were

30:44 – Running to lose weight

42:05 – Dealing with data

46:13 – Sara shares some of her own mindfulness practices

54:56 – Whitney thanks Sara for joining the show and sharing her story

Tweetable Quotes

“When I graduated college I was really burnt out from the sport, and I was heartbroken because this thing that I love so much - and that has made me who I am and has given me the best moments of my life - has also brought me to my knees and it’s made me hate everything about myself. I just looked at myself in the mirror one day and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continually try to change myself. I can’t hate my body. I give up.’ In doing that, in hitting rock bottom, it was the best thing that could have ever happened for me because Mindful Miles, years later, came about.” (06:42) (Sara)

“For the most part, I think a blanket statement is that you have to have blind faith. That’s why it’s so important to choose a coach that right off the bat, you have that gut feeling. Because on the days you are doubting yourself, you’re going to return to that blind faith.” (15:02) (Sara)

“What I’ve seen in myself and others is we struggle to get back into running or a movement routine, because we have this idea of what running looks like. And oftentimes, it’s sparked from comparison of who we used to be, or the comparison of the runner that we know. And, you have to get really honest with yourself and redefine what running looks like. Life looks different after kids. Life looks different with each phase of having a child and how much they need you and rely on you.” (23:18) (Sara)

“What does it mean to get back to the runner that you were? Is it time? Is it a feeling? What is that specifically and is it reasonable? We start with these surface level goals and ideas, but will it actually bring us joy and is it actually reasonable and realistic for our lives.” (29:25) (Sara)

“This is my firm belief. If your body has weight to lose, it’s going to do so on its own. It’s going to find its own natural, healthy weight.” (34:33) (Sara)

“Data’s great, but the way you’re feeling and any symptoms that your body is presenting, that’s also data. And we can learn to work with that.” (45:03) (Sara)

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