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Inside the Writing Workshop of San Francisco
Episode 5Bonus Episode26th April 2023 • The Write Note • J Ryan Fenzel
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In this episode hosts J Ryan and Keira take you inside the Writing Workshop of San Francisco. Having participated in this year’s event, Keira provides a debrief and exploration of the 2-day workshop, including session offerings, an overview of the literary professionals in attendance, and a detailed look at the book pitch process. Along the way she shares an exciting bit of news as well.

Episode highlights:

01:05                    Our embedded correspondent  

02:10                    What is the Writing Workshop of San Francisco?

04:00                   Breaking News!

07:00                   And here’s the pitch…

13:00                    So how did it end?

15:05                    Info-dumping and queries

17:30                    Writers Got Talent

19:50                    Your first paragraph

21:10                    The particulars of the workshop