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MovieButts - Joseph Harding 25th March 2021
MovieButts #56 The BEST & WORST of Joss Whedon - The Avengers (2012) & Serenity (2005)
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MovieButts #56 The BEST & WORST of Joss Whedon - The Avengers (2012) & Serenity (2005)

Freshly cancelled cult hero and feminist icon Joss Whedon has directed few movies, we watched his best and worst: Avengers (2012) and Serenity (2005) respectively. Perfectly timed quips are a-plenty in these highly entertaining, textbook action/adventure films. It's just a shame that just off-camera, he was screaming at everyone for being pregnant. RIP Joss. Guess you were always just one of the boys.

Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity. 


The crew of the ship Serenity try to evade an assassin sent to recapture telepath River. 

Each week we take the best and worst films from a filmmaker or franchise and discuss why one worked and one didn't. And we use freakin maths to determine the best and worst, so no arguing. Unless you think science is wrong???...yeah thought so.

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