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Couple Collective - Emily Mieko Lewis & Julian A. Lewis II EPISODE 17, 11th November 2019
017: An individual who now sees the beauty on the other side of commitment - Annie
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017: An individual who now sees the beauty on the other side of commitment - Annie

On this episode of Couple Collective, I interview another individual, Annie. She is a single, 39 year old female, who used to see commitment as a constraint, a tether or even restrictive. Her phobia of commitment was not specific to relationships, but also with everything else. Fortunately for her, she had been "lucky in love", she just preferred to focus on her and do things she felt she may not have been able to do when solo. As she sees "the beauty on the other side of commitment" through the people she surrounds herself with, she now yearns for that commitment more now than ever before.

If you are interested in a particular question we are asked, I’ve updated the notes to include time stamps that you can click on to jump ahead.

  • (01:50) - Annie’s relationship history: ‘I’ve been really lucky in love'
  • (03:18) - "I spent a couple years licking my wounds on that one" - Annie describes the closest she got to getting married
  • (06:57) - I ask Annie: "Do you feel like you are in purgatory, and what exactly does that mean?"
  • (09:12) - Do you need to be married? - Annie describes her fierce independence and how she used to see commitment as a constraint
  • (11:58) - "I've done a lot of cool shit; I’ve gotten to do some stuff that I could only have done flying solo"
  • (15:00) - "Even if it's 150% I know in my gut in my heart it's the right person, I think I will still be scared; that's okay, I can push through that"
  • (18:48) - What would you say to someone who’s female, and 30? - "worrying doesn’t do a whole lot of good... you're wasting precious energy and time" AND "if you have the resources, or if you don't, try to get the resources to freeze your eggs"

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Cover art by Laurie Berger (www.laurenjanestudio.com)