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#15 "Look man, I ain't falling for no banana in the tailpipe" Best Movie Themed Prank Debate
Episode 1527th August 2019 • The Reel Debaters Podcast • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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The perfect Prank is hard to pull off. You need timing, people who know how to keep their yap shut and a victim who won’t see it coming but imagine for a moment you had all of this PLUS and unlimited budget and one of the best mind fuck movie plots to use as said prank , now we're talking right!

This week on The Reel Debaters the boys are taking advantage of all the loved or not so loved ones in their life with an over the top prank debate that is full of hilarity and dark ideas.

The Premise: Pick any mind fuck movie , use its plot as the basis for your prank and convince the other debaters your prank is the best use of said movie plot.

The Rules: None, make your prank big and bold!

Movies being used this week are The Goonies, Vanilla Sky, Big Fat Liar and SAW

In the living room in order darkest mind to kindest heart is Micheal Petrow, Mark Cowell, Jimmy skinner (Jimmy’s second appearance) and Martin Navarro ( 2 very funny local comedians from Winnipeg )

Trailer of the week: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

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Cast & Crew

**Casting has changed over the years, current enrollment in the debater-verse can be seen below***

- Executive Producer, Editor, Mixer Captain of the USS Debater Micheal Petrow Genres: 90's/Early 2000's ..Actually just everything.

- Co-Host/Co-Producer and Comedian Commander Martin Navarro. Genres: Sci fi/Fantasy/Animation

- Co-Host/Co-Producer and Comedian Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Skinner Genres: Horror and B Movies

- Co-Host/Co-Producer Pop Culture Officer Mark Cowell Genres: Blockbuster, Popcorn Movies

 -Co-Host/Co-Producer Visual Arts Officer Rob Strachan Genres: Contemporary, Classic, and Blockbuster

 -Co-Host and Nerd/Geekdom Officer Charles Fernandes Genres: Marvel and DC. Superhero and Comic book

 -Co-Host and Entertainment Officer Ian Bawa Genres: Short, Independent, Contemporary and Art-house

 -Co-Host And Female First Officer Emily Clarke Genres: Strong Female lead, Marvel and DC, Contemporary and blockbuster


 -Art by Aaron Doel and

Micheal Petrow

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