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4 Secrets to having more joy in your life.
Episode 3219th April 2020 • Thrive Beyond Pornography (Formerly The Self Mastery Podcast) • Zach Spafford
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-      The sun is setting and the kids are out making the gleeful noises that signal an amazing day is ending.

-      It’s about bed time and I am sitting down to record

-      Thinking, what is the skill the thing that my audience needs help mastering this week? 

-      What can I bring to them.

-      That they might have joy – 2 ne 25

-      Opposition in all things 2 ne 11

-      Taking new meaning

-      Ask clients, what percentage of life should you feel good?

-      90%, 75% 60/40

-      Major reason we fall into buffering or addictive behaviors – avoiding negative feelings

-      Avoiding feelings leads to doubling down on negativity.

-      Lonely leads to drinking, pornography whatever,

-      The lonely doesn’t really get addressed and in the end it doesn’t go away

-      Then after the temporary pleasure fades, the loneliness comes back and

-      On top of that we add guilt

-      So now we’ve doubled the pain

-      Problem is we can make it even worse.

-      We can double again and choose to think, not, “ive done something I don’t want to do again and I will take responsibility for it and stop”

-      We some times choose to think, “I’m bad, broken or irredeemable” which is shame,

-      So now we’ve tripled our pain.


-      On the flip side, when we have great things in our lives happen, we look for problems.

-      Or we diminish the value of our accomplishments or our contributions in the world



-      4 ways to create joy in your life.


1.    Seek the good in your life

a.    Consciously observe the wins in your day

                                                       i.    Dinner table question

b.    avoid seeing problems where there aren’t any

c.    Believe what you want to believe about yourself


2.    Become willing to feel your feelings all the way

a.    Practice

b.    Self confidence

                                                       i.    Feel any feeling

3.    Remember you are learning

a.    Ability to trust self

4.    The atonement has bridged the gap, you just need to get on the bridge


-      Guess you could say that in a way man’s purpose is to feel the depths of sorrow and the loftiness of joy, each to their fullest

-      As I listen to my kids playing on this spring evening I hear joy in their voices

-      Kids are really good at taking the moments as they come.  

-      Every time I recognize that, it’s a renewed lesson that becoming who I choose to create is an intentional return to the principles of the gospel, including to become as a little child