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A Place Called Poarch: I Knew Who I Was: Interview with April Sells
Episode 209th December 2022 • A Place Called Poarch • Poarch Creek Indians
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A Place Called Poarch - Interview with April Sells

Everybody has the right to be respected. That's what today's guest EMA Director, April Sells believes. This belief is what has made Emergency Services so successful over the years.

April has been at Poarch for 35 years -- as long as some people have been here on this Earth. Through those years she has been selfless with her time and has given so much of herself to The Tribe. Today, she discusses her family history, the Princess Contest, her various jobs through the years and how she has navigated life not looking like a "stereotypical Indian".

Time Stamps:

[2:00] - We're introduced to April Sell and learn how she came back to The Tribe.

[5:00] - April explains the evolution of The Princess Contest.

[7:00] - The Sugar Shack was where all the young couples lived until they migrated to different homes.

[9:00] - We learn about April's family history.

[10:45] - April doesn't meet many people's stereotypical expectations of what an Indian looks like, she discusses how that affects her interactions with people. 

[14:30] - Throughout history, April's family thought they were the only Indians in the world.

[17:30] - April was never ashamed of who she is and where she came from.

[19:23] - Genetics don't care what you're supposed to be or what you're supposed to classify yourself as.

[21:26] - Playing the role she did in the Princess Contest, April was a role model to many.

[24:34] - Through the years, April has had a lot of different jobs.

[28:15] - During Hurricane Ivan the Emergency Management System was developed.

[29:14] - At one point, the Fire Department was made up of all women volunteers. 

[31:24] - Hurricane Ivan was devastating for many Native American tribes.

[33:30] - We hear about some of the services the Fire Department has been able to provide that weren't always available.

[40:00] - The pandemic had a huge impact on the Tribe.

[43:18] - The Gym has been an invaluable place for children.

[46:30] - April discusses how she was able to raise money for various youth sporting events.

[50:19] - Being selfless and giving herself to The Tribe is a lesson April learned from her grandmother.

[54:40] - We learn the origin of April's name.








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