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Collaboration Leading to Big Wins for Port Huron
Episode 1330th August 2022 • Our Shoreline - Your Horizon • WGRT 102.3 FM
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Join Dan Casey and James Freed, City Manager of the city of Port Huron, as they talk about the way businesses and organizations are coming together resulting in positive change for the city of Port Huron.

In this episode, Dan and James talk about:

  • Blue Water Fest and Bayview Mackinac Race
  • How events showcase the area
  • Redevelopment projects in downtown
  • Port Huron's story of challenge and how it is reinventing itself
  • Housing density in downtown and how that affects retail
  • Revitalization through lofts built by Jerry Kramer, Marsha Haynes, Whitt Family, and Larry Jones
  • How a vibrant downtown plays a role in the economic development of a town
  • Housing shortage in Port Huron
  • Housing equity as a result of increased home prices
  • Partnerships between Community Foundation of St. Clair County, EDA, and MEDC
  • The role of local investors in community development
  • Jim Acheson and his investment in the city
  • McMorran Plaza development
  • YMCA classes and outdoor concerts at McMorran

To learn more about James Freed and the City of Port Huron visit their website here:

To learn more about the St. Clair County EDA, visit their website here:

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