Pivots, Profit, and the Power of Persistence: The Joe Gissy Way!
Episode 649th November 2023 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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If you are considering being an entrepreneur, you may want to listen to this "Happy" guy!

In this episode, I have the privilege of conversing with Joseph Gissy, the CEO of Tactive Wealth, who shares his journey through the landscapes of entrepreneurship and leadership.


✅ Embrace the Pivot: Joe emphasizes the value of pivoting within your knowledge sphere as an opportunity for growth and enhancement, rather than a departure from core competencies.

✅ The Realities of Entrepreneurship: From the glamour portrayed on social media to the gritty truths of building a business, Joe dissects what it truly means to be an entrepreneur in today's world.

✅ Starting with Zero: Acknowledging that every successful journey begins from nothing, Joe imparts the importance of patience and resilience for budding entrepreneurs.

✅ Value Pricing: Raju and Joe discuss the delicate art of valuation—how raising your rates can be a litmus test for both your business and your self-worth.

✅ Coaching and Accountability: Raju reflects on the benefits of having a coach for guidance, pushing limits, and providing necessary tough love.

✅ Wisdom Worth Paying For: They share a powerful anecdote about recognizing and paying for expertise, not just time.

✅ Learning from Failure: Joe openly talks about his setbacks and how each one has been a stepping stone towards better leadership and stronger business acumen.

✅ Humanity at its Core: In a poignant closing, Joe reveals his optimistic belief in the intrinsic kindness of humanity, despite external narratives.


🎤 "Innovation doesn't replace; it enhances."

🎤 "Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart; it's a journey of constant learning."

🎤 "Everybody starts with zero—what counts is the willingness to keep going."

🎤 "You're not paying for the minutes; you're paying for the experience."

🎤 "Failure is not just an outcome, it's an invaluable teacher."

🎤 "Every human being is inherently kind—look past the rough exteriors."

Don't miss out on this episode full of insights, wisdom, and real-life advice that transcends business and touches the core of personal development!


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