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First 100 Days as an Engineering Leader: Steven McCord (SVP of Technology at WhyHotel)
Episode 1218th March 2020 • Level-up Engineering • Coding Sans
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In this interview Steven McCord, Senior Vice President of Technology explains the ins and out of entering the role of a tech leader. This is how you win at your first 100 days.

In this interview we're covering:

  • Challenges of becoming a tech leader
  • Early priorities when becoming a tech leader
  • Focus areas for a tech leader
  • Things you'd do differently
  • Common mistakes for tech leaders
  • How can a company help you transition?
  • Bonus advice for tech leaders

Excerpt from the interview:

"You have to make sure you figure out your architecture. But you shouldn't rush it. First, you need to understand the business problems.

Wherever I go, I build trust and culture around me. This is interesting in WhyHotel, because it isn't a tech company. Most people here come from real estate and hospitality. It’s a challenge because we’re from different worlds.

I try to breed trust by making decisions so I don’t tear people apart. I don’t just go and question, “Why did you make this decision?” Instead, I say, “I'm sure there were reasons why we made these decisions. Let's talk about them.

You need to prove yourself a team player. I believe as an executive, you have to lead by example. This is how you build the culture.

You have to show them that you're open and transparent about communication. You need to be empathetic and you use your emotional intelligence before you expect it from others. I demonstrate my core values of being accountable and transparent to show my reports the way.

Doing this is very softy-feely. It may sound weird from a technologist, but if you can set this tone and build trust across the organization, a lot of things become easier long-term."

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