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Feasting vs. Binging
Episode 2113th April 2023 • Delay and Pray • Beth The Catholic Fasting Coach
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Happy Easter! We have officially entered into the Easter Octave, and Beth is encouraging all of her listeners to stop delaying and to enter fully into this time of feasting. But wait! She said feasting: Not binging. What’s the difference? You’re about to find out.

“Try redefining Feasting for yourself. Your life will change immensely.” - Beth Bubik

Beth begins this episode warmly applauding your Lenten journey, and reassuring you that God is pleased with all of your efforts, even if they weren’t “perfect.” She also discusses the deep significance of this Octave of feasting in the Church, and gives her listeners a better understanding of the complementarity of fasting and feasting. 

But what is feasting? Feasting is “to dwell with gratification or delight,” and “to eat sumptuously.” Doesn’t sound like drive-thru burgers, does it? Binging, on the other hand, is to “indulge in an activity, such as eating to excess.” It seems counterintuitive to eat to excess while feasting for Christ, doesn’t it? In order to guide your feasting, Beth suggests having a Feasting Plan.  

  • Consider going to Mass daily and Adoration frequently during the Octave
  • Read the Acts of the Apostles
  • Cook amazing meals that are appealing and satisfying, and eat to enough
  • Plan fun activities with family and friends
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Look for the good, the true, and the beautiful
  • Do some research into Church teachings

And finally, be patient with yourself - learning to place God at the center of our feasting and fasting takes time. If you’d like a guide through this process, join Beth’s Delay and Pray Coaching Experience. Through this program, you won’t just learn to fast well: you’ll learn to feast more fully than you’ve ever feasted in your life.

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