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3: The Magic That is Made When You Tap Into Gratitude with Jocelyn Mast Kuhn
Episode 325th April 2020 • A Handful of Hope • Jesse Brisendine
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We cover:

The main emotions that can combat fear.

How to use gratitude to navigate through the storms of life.

The key psychology shift that will make an immediate positive impact.

And much more.

Jocelyn is a professional coach, speaker and author with a wealth of experience helping people thrive through life’s most challenging moments. She also works with many professionals in the industry, and working with them to create and market memorable experiences both online and live is one of her greatest passions.

As a coach and author she focuses her work on transitions — helping clients to clearly define new and exciting goals and dreams, reframe their story so that it empowers them, and create actionable steps towards achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. She’s studied effective transitions at length and is excited to share her 5 Step process to thrive through any transitions a person may be facing in her first book Thriving Through Transitions.




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