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Daily Thunder Podcast - Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson 5th July 2019
66: Intrepid // The Muscular Christian 5 (Eric Ludy)

66: Intrepid // The Muscular Christian 5 (Eric Ludy)

Speaker: Eric Ludy
Series: The Muscular Christian
Study: 5 – Intrepid

This is the fifth installment in Eric's series entitled The Muscular Christian.  In this episode he discusses the oft-misunderstood concept of patience.  Patience to many Christians today is a soft and pretty virtue expressed by not complaining when delayed.  This lands miles apart from the Biblical rendition of patience. Patience, according to the New Testament and the annals of Christian history, is what has carried Christians throughout the ages though the most difficult of circumstances - to sing in prison cells, to rejoice in sufferings, to smile amidst danger, and to die with gusto. Oh, for the return of this ancient and powerful buoyancy of soul!