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037 | The ‘first 100 days’ plan to succeed in your new HR leadership role, with Niamh O’Keeffe
Episode 373rd June 2022 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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If you’re about to start a new HR leadership role, your first 100 days are a crucial (but overwhelming) time. It can be hard to know where to start and how to make the best impression. But don’t worry, this episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help.

Career coach Fay Wallis is joined by Leadership Advisor and Author Niamh O’Keefe, to offer you advice on how to start and create a successful plan for your first 100 days, ensuring you make an impact and succeed in your new role.

Key Points From This Episode

[0:03] This episode is the final in a series of episodes about succeeding as a new HR leader. The other episodes are:

[01:49] Introduction to Niamh O’Keefe - 'Your First 100 Days: Make maximum impact in your new role'

[03:46] Niamh shares tips on how to navigate ‘first 100-days plan’ questions in an interview.

[05:55] How to start your ‘first 100-days plan’.

[08:55] What it means to be a business achiever.

[12:04] How to be strategic with your ‘first 100-days plan’.

[15:21] How to stick to your ‘first 100-days plan’

[21:07] Niamh’s book recommendation - Future Shaper by Niamh O'Keefe

[23:31] How to connect with Niamh.

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