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003: Manifesting Love
22nd February 2017 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Host, Mike Domitrz, welcomes special guest, Love Coach Nicole Elissa, to the podcast. Mike and Nicole explore how to remove judgment from self talk, the power of self-approval, and how to recognize if you are living in ego. Nicole had to discover how to bypass her own ego, to reach her heart, before she could help other women connect with their sexual energy. She recommends cultivating thoughts that keep the mind, body, and spirit in the present, especially if you tend to overthink self care, and make being mindful a task. She also shares beneficial phrases to turn your personal mantra into an energy shifting tool.   Subscribe to the Everyday Mindfulness Show.   Key Takeaways: [3:17] Nicole Elissa shares her first, revolutionary session with her Life Coach. [7:22] Connecting to a phrase that does not include judgment or improvement. [9:57] Why it’s important for a woman to connect with her sexual energy. [14:23] Giving yourself approval is essential to create your new way of being. [16:28] How to recognize if you are living in ego. [22:04] Avoid numbing, superficial validation to reach a sense of belonging. [24:32] To practice self care, Nicole advises to perform yoga, and to repeat your personal mantra daily.   Mentioned in This Episode: "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself," by Dr. Joe Dispenza   Special Guest: Nicole Elissa is a Love Coach and a believer, student, and a teacher of love. She works with driven women who are ready to commit to love, finding themselves, discovering their radiance, feeling confident in their own skin to achieve their goals. These goals can look like: leaving their jobs, traveling the world, finding their ideal romantic partner, and living a life that exceeds their preconceived ideas of what is actually possible for them. Nicole Elissa guides women who are ready to connect with their feminine radiance, open up their hearts to love, and transform their life from the inside out.   Contact Us: The Everyday Mindfulness Show