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253: It’s Bold and It’s True! Tax Accountant takes 4 Week Vacation®️ in the Height of Tax Season with John Briggs [Encore Edition]
13th July 2023 • Profit by Design • Dr. Sabrina Starling
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As you are listening to this episode, I’m on my 4 week vacation®️, but I did not forget about you! I want to keep you inspired and motivated about what’s possible, so I’m bringing you another 4 week vacation®️ story that is full of fun. We are featuring this encore edition of Ep. 28 with John Briggs, founder, and CEO of Incite Tax Works, who took a 4 week vacation®️ at the height of tax season. We recorded this interview in March 2019, when John was two weeks away from his 4 week vacation®️. We talked about the necessary mindset shifts as you prepare for a 4 week vacation®️, along with a critical, last-minute hiring piece that had to fall into place for John. Also worth noting, John was in the process of writing his first book, Profit First for Microgyms, which is now in print. 

When you’re starting on this journey, it may feel like you have a huge mountain to climb before your 4 week vacation®️ is a possibility. Remember that it truly is a journey of small steps forward taken in a consistent direction that lead to big change over time. If you want to take a fully unplugged 4 week vacation®️, connect with us and make the 4 Week Vacation®️ Pledge today! Let us support you in making this dream a reality for YOU!


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Show Highlights:

  • Why it feels surreal to John to take a 4 week vacation®️ in the height of tax season

  • How the book Clockwork by Michael Michalowicz became a personal challenge for John

  • How John prepared for three years to make his 4 week vacation®️ happen

  • Why entrepreneurs have to make a critical mindset shift in delegating responsibilities to their team members

  • Why it’s important to trust your team members and even thank them for their mistakes

  • Key first steps in preparation for John: making a list and implementing systems

  • How John struggled with key hires and found help through Dr. Sabrina and the How to Hire the Best system

  • How John created a remarkable recruitment marketing video to convey how Incite Tax Works is different–and to attract the right team members

  • What John is planning for his 4 week vacation®️

  • An overview of John’s book, Profit First for Microgyms, and his Five Day Cash Challenge

Links and Resources:


Connect with John and Incite Tax Works: Website, Profit First for Microgyms, and John’s Free Five Day Cash Challenge


See John’s recruiting video here in our Great Place to Work spotlight. 

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