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Making Forgiveness A Priority, with Dean Smith
Episode 61st December 2021 • Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room® • One Light Ahead®
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Dean is a high-performance coach for life and leadership and is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on the topic of forgiveness.

He has a broad range of life experiences ranging from playing professional basketball to earning multiple awards as a nationally recognized sales professional.

In 2010, Dean was the subject of an award-winning documentary film. This film has been an inspiration around the globe and chronicles his journey to do what many believed was impossible.

Dean’s passion is helping leaders transform their thoughts, habits, and relationships so they can ignite their passion, increase their capacity, and improve their performance in all areas of life.

You can check Dean Smith out at: or email him directly at:

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What words did Dean’s fifth father tell him that changed his life
  • Why Dean decided to name all of the people we cannot forgive Bob instead of using their real names
  • Why it’s important to practice forgiveness if we want to reach our full potential
  • What happens when we don’t forgive or don’t deal with our issues
  • What questions should you ask yourself when you begin to prioritize forgiveness
  • How Dean was able to forgive the man that murdered his mother and help save his life
  • What are the two things that most powerfully impact your brain


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