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THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Finding the Courage to Reinvent Your Business
Bonus Episode20th January 2022 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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In this episode of Thursday Thoughts, Monique reflects upon hearing the news of a friend who has decided to shut down their consulting business in the wake of ungrateful clientele and internet trolls. Perhaps counterintuitively then Monique explains why this move will likely be great for her friend!

So many times founders and entrepreneurs find themselves in a rut with the way they are running their business. For a combination of reasons including fear, pride, or even lack of motivation they continue to operate a business that is neither fulfilling nor impactful.

Monique encourages entrepreneurs who have found themselves burnt-out and unable to summon the courage to start again with a clean sheet. She reminds listeners that the lessons you have learned from starting your business won't go away if you elect to restructure or restrategize, and often a new beginning is just what your business needs to thrive!

Topics Include:

  • Dealing With Ungrateful Trolls
  • The Danger and Causes of Burnout
  • Impacting the World on Your Terms
  • Reinventing Your Business to Work for You


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