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Episode 87—Coronavirus Updates: UBI, Money, Federal Reserve
21st March 2020 • Thunk Tank Podcast • Thunk Tank Podcast
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It's only been a week since our last coronavirus episode, but too much happened to talk about anything else. In this episode, we talk about various coronavirus updates including the potential UBI that will be sent to Americans while we are stuck at home and out of work.

     How much money will we get? How does the Federal Reserve just print money? How does federal debt work? We can't promise you'll get complete answers to any of those questions, but we definitely tried to answer them. Either way, it should be a fun distraction from the chaos. See you in the tank!


**Sober note: I highly recommend the Johns Hopkins email updates linked below for non-mainstream media updates emailed to you daily** 

**Relevant Blog Posts: Luke recently published two blog posts over on Medium which—besides being a good usage of time while stuck at home—fit well with the challenges of this virus**


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