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5g Technology - should we be afraid of it? Is it more dangerous then 4g? Is it something scientifically backed to protest against?
Episode 5627th January 2020 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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This past weekend - people across the globe took part in a protest against 5g cell phone technology.  People afraid of new technology keep parroting the phrases that this is "untested" and "new" so we should be afraid of it.  They also make the claim that there is no standard for 5g yet (which is false - there is a standards body which sets in place what 5g means).  But are these arguments valid?  Are the things that are posted about valid arguments against 5g?  Insect apocalypse, increased cancer due to increased penetration,  killing of birds, heart tumors in rats, and more exposure to radiation then ever before.  Those are some of the things that are posted - but what is true, what is conjecture, and what is just good ol fake news?