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039 | Lost your direction & motivation at work? This one thing might help
Episode 3917th June 2022 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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Have you lost your direction and motivation at work and don’t know what to do about it? In this episode of HR coffee time, career coach Fay Wallis shares one thing that might help. Have a listen and get ready to feel reenergised about your career.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:08] Fay explains what a ‘career anchor’ is

[03:28] The first career anchor – technical or functional competence

[04:14] The second career anchor – general managerial competence

[05:15] The third career anchor – autonomy or independence

[06:11] The fourth career anchor – security or stability

[07:11] The fifth career anchor – entrepreneurial creativity

[08:27] The sixth career anchor – service or dedication to a cause

[09:23] The seventh career anchor – pure challenge

[09:59] The eighth career anchor – lifestyle

[13:03] Let Fay know your career challenge or topic you’d like to have covered on the show

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