Developed Markets Rebounded: Market Review End October 2022
7th November 2022 • Providend's Market Review • Providend Ltd
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October 2022 End-Month Market Review Summary Points:

  • The developed stock markets rebounded after 2 months of consecutive losses with MSCI World IMI, MSCI All Country World IMI and S&P 500 up 7.28%, 6.15% and 8.1% respectively.
  • In comparison to the indexes, DFA equity funds did even better with Global Core Equity and Targeted Value outperformed MSCI All Country World IMI by 2.11 % and 4.37% as size and value premiums arose.
  • A volatile market can be unsettling but staying invested is important because history has shown that the market will deliver positive returns, on average, following sharp declines.

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