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Episode 2102: Youth Coming out as LGBTQ+ with John Sovec
Episode 227th February 2021 • PsychNP Cast • Ed Stern
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Supporting our LGBTQ Youth – Coming Out

(Being a Queer Affirming Provider)

Certainly, not all of our shows will be about the LGBTQ+ community but since we're coming out with our 1st episode it made sense to talk to John Sovec, an expert in coming out as a teen. Ed, (our host) and John talk about the coming out process and how mental health professionals, such as PMHNPs, can better understand and support the patients of all ages who struggle with coming out the 1st time and every time.

Guest: John Sovec, MA, LMFT and

Trevor project:

Trevor Project 2020 mental health youth survey:

GLSEN – semi-annual report

John mentioned "Essentialism in everyday thought" here's an overview -

Glossary of LGBTQ terms (there are many but here are some):

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