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Hiring Contractors and Freelancers for Your Small Business with Third Coast Coding
Episode 222nd October 2020 • Small Business Stories • OFFIX
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“I always thought that the hardest thing would be finding customers. But really finding good, quality people is literally the hardest thing to do in business.” – Chad Dunham, Third Coast Coding

Every dollar counts for a small business. For small operations, it can sometimes be helpful to bring on a contractor or freelancer as opposed to hiring a full-time position. Chad Dunham is the owner of Third Coast Coding, a custom web solution agency.

Over the past 15 years that Chad has been in business, he’s had to work with a range of different partners, employees and contractors. On this week’s edition of Small Business Stories, Kaitlyn talks to Chad about fostering relationships with both colleagues and customers when you’re a small business. Listen in for Chad’s advice.

  • (00:29) - Custom software solutions
  • (05:28) - COVID-19 challenges
  • (07:56) - Solving problems with computer science
  • (12:12) - Constant evolution
  • (14:20) - Finding good people
  • (17:40) - Hiring contractors
  • (20:08) - The ideal client
  • (21:56) - Do what you love

Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick is a marketing and communications professional from Chicago (she’s actually from the suburbs but she lives here now, okay?). Her credentials for this podcast include her ability to talk endlessly, and a genuine interest in learning about what others can teach her about running a business.

OFFIX is a small business looking to help other small businesses succeed. They’re a flexible and professional workspace with multiple locations in Chicago specializing in private, boutique office spaces located in residential neighborhoods. Learn more about all that OFFIX has to offer you and your small business at

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