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C’mon! Discover YOUR Magic Words! Kelsey Formost
Episode 301st July 2019 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Write how YOU Talk!!

Magic? Story? Magic Words?  Who doesn't love magic?  It's all in the words.  Magic Words!

Kelsey Formost is an actress and entrepreneur.  She is in the copyright business and the business of word coaching.

“People are shocked to discover that I was a child who was very shy.

While I was living in New York I fell in this group called College Humor.  It’s fun slap-stick sketch comedy. There was something that clicked in my brain where I thought, oh my gosh.  I can tell the jokes and make up the stories too! Steering the conversation is easier being a writer than an actress.  So I really got into writing script and doing sketch comedy.

I had some family events, a tragedy that brought me back to the West Coast where I'm from, San Diego.

Telling a story whether it be your business line, commercial ad, or writing a story, you need to WRITE HOW YOU TALK!

Don't forget to give yourself space for frivolous enchantments!

I come in and work with entrepreneurs on how to best optimize the words that they are sharing to accurately portray whom they are, what they offer, and why it's important.  It's all about really clarifying for people why you are in business, whom they want to connect with and what the messages that they want to share with the world are.

It's all about putting it into words but in your voice.

There's an innate interest in what is going to make somebody connect to on a very deep personal level so that a story is heard. That can be translated across every industry.  Magic words!  Words are magic!”