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How to renew your surge capacity with Tara Haelle
Episode 528th November 2020 • The Big Self Podcast • Big Self School
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Whatever it is you’re doing to cope with the constant new normal of these uncertain times as we barrel into the holiday season, we are glad you are here! Joining us today is Tara Haelle. Tara is a regular Forbes contributor and the core topic leader in medical studies for the Association of Health Care Journalists. As a freelance science and health reporter and parenting blogger, her pieces frequently appear in NPR, Scientific American, Slate, Politico, HealthDay, Everyday Health, and Consumer Reports. 

Tara is author of The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child’s First Four Years, coauthored with Emily Willingham. In another life, she was also a world traveler — backpacking, hiking, train-hopping and motorbiking through more than 40 countries on six continents while eating strange insects, climbing ancient ruins and swimming with sharks — before she became a mom. It was also pre-pandemic, and our interest in this interview is discussing what research is telling her about how we can cope in a crisis that just keeps going on and on.

Time Stamps:

2:35 We open up the discussion talking about the pandemic and Tara shares her story about her personal emotional crash

5:43  Tara discusses surge capacity and how the pandemic created a situation for us where we have exceeded that capacity 

7:20 Shelley talks about chronic stress syndrome and the feelings of tired and wired

8:25 We discuss why this time has been especially hard for high performers 

11:00 Tara shares how accepting our current reality and accepting what that means are the keys to managing this pandemic 

14:40 Tara explains the concept of ambiguous loss as it relates to the pandemic 

17.40 We discuss parenting in the pandemic 

24:16 We talk about screen time and how it relates to anxiety before and during the pandemic 

30:12 Tara shares creative suggestions, practices and routines that she recommends to take care of ourselves through the pandemic and building up your resilience bank account

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