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Episode 2429th April 2021 • Temporary Fandoms • Temporary Fandoms
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We have finally done ESG justice!!!

So, back in the early days of Temporary Fandoms we put out a half-finished pilot looking at the output of criminally underrated band ESG. Finally, after a year of churning out episodes we are able to present a proper episode on this amazing punky dancy groovy group.

Re-joining Nick and Ewan to take us through their back catalogue are Zoë Von Hess and Chris Whitby, and new to the pod, the simply amazing Cheri Amour (who is only writing the book on the seminal ESG album Come Away with ESG for 33/3 !!!!)

We talk our way through their career, look at why they are underrated, talk about one of the most sampled tracks of all time, and discuss some...poor albums covers.

Even if you listened to the pilot there is plenty here for you to dive into.

Find out more about Cheri at

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