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Episode 53 - The Power of Story with Jackie Wilson
Episode 531st January 2024 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Episode 53 - The Power of Story with Jackie Wilson and Happy New Year 2024!

Wishing a wonderful New Year and health, wealth, love and happiness in 2024.

Thank you for joining me at this special time.

This weeks Choosing Happy Podcast interview is about the power of story in life and business. I got to chat with Jackie Wilson - who is passionate about using stories to engage, entertain and create powerful content, copy and communications.

Her passion and wealth of knowledge and experience shine through in this interview. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!  

Discovering the Power of Storytelling in Business and Life!

In this episode of the 'Choosing Happy Podcast', host, Heather Masters, welcomes guest, Jackie Wilson, a former journalist who uses the power of storytelling in business.

Jackie shares her journey from journalism to content marketing and discusses the significance of crafting a narrative in business.

She underscores the impact of storytelling on brain science, its utility in delivering memorable messages, and shares how the 'hero’s journey' archetype can be applied in business storytelling.

Furthermore, they explore the potential pitfalls of oversharing personal experiences in storytelling, and provide recommendations for those trying to incorporate storytelling in their business.

About Jackie:

A journalist by background, and with a vein of nosiness running through everything I do, I’ve written in many different contexts and capacities all my working life. A short while ago I dug into the power of storytelling in a business context and now I want everyone to know it, understand it, and use it! For all of our sakes and for a more entertaining content landscape!

Jackie's Links:

Jackie's Website

@inthebrick_house on Instagram


00:01 Introduction to the Power of Storytelling

00:27 Interview with Jackie Wilson: From Journalism to Storytelling

01:38 The Journey to Discovering the Power of Storytelling

04:49 The Impact of Storytelling on the Human Brain

06:20 The Role of Storytelling in Business and Marketing

07:55 The Power of Metaphor in Storytelling

08:27 The Importance of Words in Storytelling

14:36 How to Use Storytelling in Your Work

27:06 The Challenges of Telling Your Own Story

32:38 The Power of Personal Stories in Building Connection

34:56 The Role of a Business Coach in Storytelling

36:15 Learning from a Successful Mentor

36:51 Feeling Disconnected from the Mentor

38:00 The Power and Pitfalls of Vulnerability in Storytelling

39:21 The Importance of the Story Arc

40:28 The Hero's Journey and its Role in Storytelling

42:18 The Use of Metaphors and Archetypes in Storytelling

45:53 The Power of Personal Stories in Business

47:26 The Influence of Language and Metaphors

50:17 The Role of Storytelling in Content Creation

55:32 Tips for Beginners in Storytelling

01:01:04 Closing Thoughts and Contact Information

01:04:33 Conclusion and Invitation for the Next Episode

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Heather Masters

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