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Ep 27: Daily Encouragement- Do More of What Makes You Happy - Follow Your Passion & Hobbies
Episode 27Bonus Episode5th June 2021 • Building a Life You Love Podcast • Kristin Fitch
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On Today's mini daily encouragement episode Kristin talks about why it’s important to find in our hobbies or interests each week to experience more joy and happiness in our lives.  She shares a few of her hobbies that she schedules in each month- like taking day trips and outings to nearby towns to take photographs, enjoy lunch at a new destination or explore a new town and spend time with girlfriends and how she regularly schedules time to do the things that bring her joy and fulfillment.  She regularly add in creative activities, gathering with friends, min-adventures and more.  Are you ready to put your interests and passions in your schedule to make more time for the things you love?

What is holding you back from going after your dreams, defining life on your terms and from finding meaningful work you love? What is holding you back from going after your dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell your art or clothing, or to start an online business?   What is holding you back from finding real joy and meaning in your life?

Each week on the show we are going to help you figure out how to go after your dreams and find work you love.  And how to find a healthy work-life balance and how do you fit in the things that are meaningful to you and have flexibility of time and income.  We will also talk about mindset and self-development to be your best possible self in your work life and personal life.  We will take the idea of meaningful work you want to do and how you create and start a business and monetize it.  Let’s be happier, healthier and find ways to create meaningful lives that bring us more joy and connection to our every day.

Let's start taking action to create and monetize our creative ideas and passions and turn them into thriving businesses- let's go after our dream work, make more money and spend more time with people we love living our best lives.  And learn how Curiosity, Creativity, Mindset, Communication, Play, and Faith play a role in improving our lives.