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EDUCATION SERIES (Part 2): How to Earn a College Degree for Less - Bonnie Burkett
Episode 1329th September 2020 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Studies show that college graduates earn more on average than high school graduates.  But how do you get a college degree without putting yourself into a financial sinkhole?

This week's SoloMoms! Talk podcast guest, Bonnie Burkett lays out a framework for successfully earning a college degree in a fraction of the time without mortgaging your future.

Bonnie's book, Enough! The College Cost Crisis" How to protect your wallet and your student's financial future., "can help steer your students towards what they will love and what they do well so that their educational path is perfect for them to get to do what they do best!"

One of the topics we discussed is finding the right program.  She also shared one of her "secret sauce" from her book. 

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