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Are you parenting from a position of fear and lack of Confidence with Nina Cruz
Episode 4727th October 2022 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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Nina Cruz is a certified conscious parent coach/social worker & mediation teacher whose mission is to support parents in building healthy connections with their children. She does this through teaching them conscious parenting, where they heal their own childhood wounds so they can consciously raise empowered children.

When a parent’s inner world shifts, their outer world changes, transforming the parent–child dynamic from chaos to control to worth and connection.

Parents who gain a new sense of awareness through inner transformation create a new blueprint for themselves and their children. This is why one of Nina’s greatest passions is to guide parents to do their own ‘inner work’ so their children can be free to live out their authentic destinies.

Certified as a conscious parenting coach, Nina integrates eastern mindfulness with western psychology in helping parents heal their ancestral legacies. Her expertise has allowed her to collaborate with experts around the globe.

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