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S1 E2 - Inside the Business of a High Performing OT Entrepreneur with Laura Park Figueroa
2nd February 2021 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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In this episode, we start off with big laughs and jump right in to interview Laura Park Figueroa, founder of Outdoor Kids OT and host of the Mind Your OT Business Podcast. Laura is a leader in the OT Entrepreneur space, and shares all the details of her revenue and profit in her multiples businesses. Listen up to hear how LPK gets paid!


Episode Notes

Laura and I discuss:

  • How does Laura get it all done, running two businesses while getting her PhD?

  • Shiny object syndrome

  • Do you need multiple businesses to get paid what we all want as an OT entrepreneur?

  • Laura's "Fist on the Table" moment

  • Why a PhD is important for OT Entrepreneurs

  • Does thinking about profit make you an outsider in the OT world?

  • Overcome the OT inferiority complex so that you can start getting paid as an OT entrepreneur.

  • Laura's 2019 and 2020 impact and income goals - and how she continued to make money through covid-19

  • What's the process of pivoting into the online space


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