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How to Talk to Children About Scary World Events
Episode 393rd March 2022 • How Not to Screw Up Your Kids • Dr Maryhan
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In this episode I want to tackle the complex subject of how do we have conversations with our children about scary world events. 

Now if you are listening to this episode in March 2022 you may find this relevant for explaining to children about what is happening with Ukraine and Russia. However, the advice I will give is relevant across a number of issues, whether it’s climate change, wars, riots, unrest or widely publicised prosecutions. Anything which bursts our children’s bubble of the world being an inherently good and safe place. 

Here are the highlights: 

(01:28) The world can be a scary place for children 

(05:01) Children pick up on others’ concerns 

(12:06) Focus on the facts 

(15:35) Be honest when you don’t know the answer 

(17:49) How to help your child manage their fear and anxiety 

(20:14) The balloon technique 

(26:20) A daily practice of gratitude 

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