Purpose Driven Business with Dori Staehle
Episode 1843rd April 2023 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#184: Do you feel that God is calling you to do something radically different and you're afraid to take that first step?

That's exactly the situation our guest today faced, and her testimony will inspire and show us that by taking that first step in faith, God will open the door for you and cause bigger ripple effects than you can imagine!

A freak accident in 2011 triggered a rare disease and caused Dori Staehle to rethink her life and her purpose. She asked God to give her a way to heal herself and others. The answer was: “Use your drums.” In 2 weeks, she was healed. She then started her fourth business, Next Stage Drumming, with $40 and she began sharing the healing power of drumming with others and teaching them how to use it as a health and wellness tool.

In order to move forward and fully embrace her Divine Assignment, Dori had to drop her previous businesses and musical endeavors. And that's when things got really interesting.

Dori became a certified drum therapist, developed customized programs, and has two encouraging books on Amazon. She lives in the Raleigh, NC area with her husband Mark - and a load of drums!

This episode is part of our Easter Christian Business Series, stay tuned for the next episode. :)

Listen to Dori's Story...

  • [02:40] - What happened as she took those first steps of faith
  • [08:18] - The many doors that God opened for her as she went down this entrepreneurial path

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