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Discovering Your Leadership Voice: Knowing Strengths and Kryptonite are Key to Helping You Achieve Your Full Potential (Jeremie Kubicek)
Episode 3023rd November 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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In this episode with the Co-Founder of GiANT, Jeremie Kubicek, we explore the concept of leadership through the lens of the "5 Voices" framework. Our guest, Jeremie, shares invaluable insights on understanding your leadership style, owning your role in problem-solving, and building high-functioning teams.

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  • The Five Voices Framework: Jeremie Kubicek introduces the "Five Voices" framework, categorizing individuals into five distinct voice types: Nurturer, Guardian, Connector, Pioneer, and Creative. This framework is essential for understanding and improving communication and collaboration within teams
  • Stress Behaviors and Weaponry: Jeremie discusses how each voice type has stress behaviors and a corresponding "weapon" they may use when under stress. For instance, Pioneers resort to "grenade-launcher" behaviors, seeking quick solutions and dominating conversations
  • Managing Emotions and Self-Awareness: Jeremie emphasizes the importance of managing one's emotions and not burdening others with emotional management. He suggests daily reflection exercises and short accounts to analyze and understand personal emotional responses
  • The Five Gears Framework: Jeremie introduces the "Five Gears" concept, a framework for managing one's presence and focus in different situations. Shifting gears, like shifting a car, can help individuals be more present and influential in their interactions
  • Impact on Relationships and Productivity: Jeremie shares personal experiences of implementing the Five Voices and Five Gears frameworks in his family and work life. He emphasizes how these frameworks have positively impacted relationships and productivity

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  1. Connector - You are a champion of relationships and strategic partnerships! You are brilliant at rallying people to causes and things you believe in. You believe in a world where everyone can play and get excited about future opportunities -and you want to make it happen. Receiving appreciation and credit for making key connections is highly motivating and energizing. You often respond to challenges: "Whatever we need, I can get it, or I have a source."
  2. Creative - You are a champion of innovation! You are an outside-the-box thinker and conceptual architect. You love scanning the horizon and are often drawn to new trends in ideas and technology. You are an "early warning radar system" that sees the opportunities and dangers of the future before everyone else. You are never satisfied with the status quo - you always believe it can improve. The word "can't" is not in your vocabulary. When you learn how to communicate clearly as you continue dreaming big, you can change the world.
  3. Nurturer - You are a champion of people! You are concerned about the relational health and harmony of the group. You are completely committed to protecting values and principles. You may have a hard time separating your work from who you are. You innately understand how certain actions, behaviors, or initiatives will affect people.
  4. Pioneer - You are a champion of results and progress! You approach life with an "Anything is possible!" attitude. You believe visioning a new future is always the highest priority. You are always seeking to find the quickest, fastest, and most efficient ways so that they can win. You value "outside-the-box thinking" to make progress and tend to seek out the most interesting people to learn from and add to your body of knowledge.
  5. Guardian - You are a champion of responsibility and stewardship! You respect and value logic, order, procedure, and process. You seek clarity and logical and proven decision-making criteria, even if you must ask tough questions to get there. You like to see established track records of success to justify trying something different. You may feel frustrated that you are sometimes seen as "raining on the parade" just because you are trying to make sure the team makes the best decision possible.

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