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How to Navigate New Workforce Trends with OMNIA Partners' Barb Sexton and Tim Holland
Episode 7406th October 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Who's headed back to the office - and who's hoping to stay "WFH" for life? The answers may surprise you - but they will also empower you as we all try to wrap our heads around the new world of work in which we live and, well, work. To help us better understand the latest shifts in the workforce, and how companies can best adapt to ensure a smoother supply chain, we're joined by Barb Sexton and Tim Holland of OMNIA Partners - the largest and most experienced purchasing organization for public and private sector procurement. Listen in as Barb and Tim help us unpack the latest trends in labor, why staffing is no longer the exclusive domain of HR - and how organizations like OMNIA partners can deliver crucial insights and best practices to help your organization navigate the new normal.

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