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6. This 10 Second Technique Will Make Your Whole Day Less Stressful: With Celebrity Life Coach Camilla Sacre-Dallerup
Episode 626th January 2020 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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This episode will motivate you to step away from what no longer serves you and help you take the leap of faith in to what you really want to be doing in your life. You may know Camilla Sacre-Dallerup as the amazing professional dancer from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and her role as head judge on Dancing With The Stars in New Zealand. Or you may be more familiar with by her from her three best selling wellness books and her leading role in the health and mindfulness world. And if this is the first time you have met Camilla, you are in for a treat. She talks about how she left her career as a dancer and moved in to Life Coaching, how she finds time to meditate daily and how self care is something we can all do, however busy or stressed we are. She shares her 10 second ritual for a happier day and gives so much advice on feeling better and looking glowing too. You can follow Camilla on Instagram @camilladallerup

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