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Dan Bern (Part 2 of 2: Energies and Outlets)
Episode 1728th June 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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It’s the season finale of ‘All Your Days,’ part two of my conversation with Dan Bern. We talk about the ways songs come into being, and sometimes try to slip away, the difference between the big ones and the topical singles, fatherhood, the pandemic, ‘Hunkered in the Bunker,’ and more.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Dan Bern: Art On the Run - Joe's Pub, 2011
  2. Dan Bern: I Get My Money From the NRA - 2022
  3. Dan Bern: Quarantine Me - 2020
  4. Dan Bern: Hunkered in the Bunker - Quarantine Me, 2020
  5. Dan Bern: Regent Street - Regent Street, 2019
  6. Dan Bern and Lulu Bern: Satie - 4 Feet Tall and Rising, 2021
  7. Dan Bern: Simple - Smartie Mine, 1999



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