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TCP001 : The Resurgence of QR Codes
Episode 19th June 2020 • The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast • Skip Kimpel
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Show Notes:       

Welcome to Episode number 1!  This show is dedicated to restaurant and hospitality technology.  This weekly show will occur on Tuesdays and will include trending technology as well as interviews with industry leaders and vendors with relevant technology.

Introduction – Who is Skip Kimpel?

Industry conferences – where do we stand?

-       Who remembers Murtec from this year?  Doesn’t that seem like a  lifetime ago?

Restaurant Technology Network Career Center:

Today’s episode is about the resurgence of QR codes, specifically within our industry

  • History
  • Ability to remove touch points
  • No longer need an app to use QR codes.  Built in functionality for Apple and Android
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • One hot use right now is creating a QR code for your menus
  • Link to online ordering
  • Some systems out there allow you to embed the table number into the QR code so that when they place their order and it is fired in the kitchen, they know where to bring the food when it is ready.
  • Daily specials
  • Nutritional information associated with your food items.  
  • Have a unique feature in your kitchen or want your guest to see how seriously your team members are addressing food safety and cleanliness?  Use a QR code to link them to a video.  
  • Loyalty or gift cards:  scan a guests card or use your bar code scanner attached to the POS automate his process.  
  • Curbside delivery – Put a code on the signage for the parking spots that perform an action like send a text message, place a phone call or simply lead the guest to website to let the restaurant know they are there and which spot they are in.
  • Good old-fashioned marketing
  • Enroll in a contest
  • Improve service and measure customer experience with a link to your GSS
  • Autopost on social media including sending out an automated tweet
  • Links to existing photos and social media
  • QR code in window so people can scan your code and view your menu when you are not open.  Especially useful in high foot traffic areas
  • Signing up for loyalty program
  • ·Allow guests to quickly download your brand’s app
  • One QR code can differentiate between different phone types.  IOS, Android, etc.

Taking Payment

  • Table service, print QR code on check to link to the payment system
  • Create a contactless and truly touchless solution.  Fast casual or quick serve – display QR code on screen to pay via online form, launch brand’s app, apple pay or google pay.

Challenge:  How can we create a truly touchless payment system for fast causal and quick serve without holding up “the line?”  

o  Companies that are doing this to different degrees:

Upcoming episode solely dedicated to contactless and touchless payment solutions

  • Operations use
  • Track employee tasks
  • Line or safety checks
  • Link to schedules
  • Inventory tracking

·      HR Uses

  • Links to forms to fill out
  • Onboarding materials
  • Employee benefits
  • Anything that is frequently updated, post the QR code to the document in the break room.  

Did I miss anything critical?  Let me know…. I will talk about how to contact me at the end of this show.

In today’s landscape, ask yourself, how can we eliminate touchpoints and how can we serve the guest in the way THEY want to consume information… or interact with you…. Or make a payment.


-       Google Analytics

How brewed solution

Hopefully I have inspired you to start thinking outside of the box a little bit.  I am sure that many of you already have a QR Code strategy in place, but in case you don’t, this should get you started down the right path.  There are plenty of other applications I didn’t mention so if you have additional thoughts and ideas, please let me know.  

How to contact me

-       Comment hotline: 954-302-0851

-       Website: (show notes will be posted here)

-       Twitter:

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-       Next episode, working remotely and what you need to have in place from an IT perspective to make this successful for your team and other’s in your organization