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The Fastest Way to Get Famous
Episode 11219th July 2022 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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"Fame is the most efficient business model." You must have heard that statement before. And it's okay to be famous. Fame allows you to do more good, stand out from the crowd, make more money, and draw attention to your cause. Fame is a good thing when it's done the right way. So how do you become famous? In this episode, Sharran walks us through his 3-step process on the fastest way to get famous. Once you understand this process, you can make it work with a lot of ease.

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“Fame is a good thing when it's done the right way.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 The most efficient business model

02:20 It's okay to be famous

04:35 A story about Hal Elrod that explains mindshare, timeshare, and the power of association

07:58 Step #1: How to occupy mindshare

14:51 Step #2: Dominate one platform

17:59 Step #3: Leverage other people's audiences

21:45 What being in someone else's show can do for you

23:26 The benefits of partnering with Sharran

24:14 Quick recap of today’s topic


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