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Breaking Barriers and Thriving in Start Ups with Martha Aviles
Episode 7520th June 2023 • Women In Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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Martha Aviles is VP of Marketing at Austin-based Gigster, a firm that accelerates the delivery of digital transformation applications giving companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world. With 20+ years of high-tech marketing experience in SaaS, semiconductor, networking, and network security at start-ups, private, and public companies, she is a fierce marketing leader. She is also a first generation immigrant to the USA having being born 7 days after her parents arrived there. She is also the first born so had nobody to look up to and learn from so she blazed the trail for herself and her siblings.

In this episode Martha mentions a book called Illogical; Saying Yes to a life without Limits by Emmanuel Acho.

To find out more about Martha, use these links:



In the intro to this episode I mention that my friend Tania Vasallo, Founder of The Courage to be Happy, is running an amazing 3 days event, called Increase Your Income and Impact, starting June 21st @ 11am EST / 9am MT / 8am PST so for all those of you are able to attend in these times zones you should check Tania's event out. Sadly I can't attend because the event starts at 1am Melbourne time and I love my sleep! Tania was my guest on Episode 31 of Women In Confidence so if you want to get to know Tania before signing up to her event, go listen to Episode 31.

Hello, I'm Vanessa, the host of Women In Confidence. Welcome and thanks for listening. I designed this podcast to appeal to working women who want to understand what confidence is, what you can do to build (or rebuild) your confidence and then maintain it. I interview amazing women who have genuine stories to tell about their journey through life and how they manage the ups and downs of life. My vision is for my listeners to try something that has worked for my guests and if it changes their lives then I feel that the podcast has been a positive contribution to the world.

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I hope 2023 has going well for you - wow time is flying so quickly. My ambition for Women In Confidence, this year, is to reach some record download numbers per episode and to find a sponsor. Let me know what you are hoping to achieve in 2023.

Vanessa xx

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