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#011: Breaking Down Barriers: Building a Digital Biz with Social Media Boundaries
Episode 1127th September 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Building a digital business in 2021 (or in the digital age!) when you want to have boundaries around social media can be... complicated. Today, we're bringing you into our latest conversation about how exactly we can both grow our business and protect our lives outside of the apps we use every day. Building boundaries for our families and our mental health is a necessity, but it can feel really confusing when there's this expectation that as business owners, we need to be super present on social media to grow at all. Here's what we're discussing:

  • What boundaries on social media look like for Kat
  • How Kat manages a social media break on the weekends
  • Megan's social media boundaries
  • How the consistency model on Instagram actually burns a lot of us out
  • Why these boundaries matter to us as moms + business owners
  • Understanding how habits form
  • A reminder our actual relationships matter most
  • How to decide what boundaries you want to set
  • Let revenue lead your boundaries and goals


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